Sun Peaks Fatbikes - fat tire biking for all-season fun!

Sun Peaks Fat Bikes - fat tire bikingSun Peaks FatBikes - fat tire biking at its best (photo Sun Peaks Resort)

Sun Peaks Fatbikes offer another fun Sun Peaks winter activity or summer activity that allows guests to enjoy the fresh mountain air and beautiful mountain and valley lake surroundings. A fatbike (also called fat bike, fat tire, fat-tire bike, or snow bike) is an off-road mountain bike with wide, oversized tires, usually 3.8 in (97 mm) or larger that are designed to ride with low air pressure to allow for comfortable riding on soft, uneven terrain, like Sun Peaks champagne powder snow, sand, bogs and mud.

While electric (pedal assist) fat bikes are available as a spring, summer and fall activity through McSporties and regular fat tire bikes are available through Elevation Bike, Ski & Board shop in the Sun Peaks Grand Hotel during the winter ski season, there are certain rules and restrictions that must be followed year-round (see below).

Similar to being able to get out and enjoy the maintained Sun Peaks Snowshoe trails, a Trail Access Pass (cost around $5.00 and available at Elevation Bike, Ski & Board and the Sun Peaks Nordic Centre) is required for Sun Peaks Fatbike riders who want to enjoy the designated fat bike loop on the Nordic network (Village, McGillivray Lake, Raven Return and En Garde). Remember though, Sun Peaks FatBikes are only allowed on Nordic trails that have been specially designated as shared use and only during limited weather conditions.

Guests can also explore the paved Valley Trail network year-round, which winds from the village centre down and around the west end of the resort, and right up through the east village area and without needing a trail pass. More experienced riders can even tackle the new SunBurf Loop for a fun singletrack experience close to the village. I don't think I'd want to use a fat tire bike in the Sun Peaks Bike Park in the summer though!

Check out the Sun Peaks Fatbikes map below or online for more information on all three routes.  In summer, Sun Peaks fatbikes from McSporties (use our link to save 10% on rentals) can also be taken out along the various Sun Peaks Mountain bike trails.

        Advantages of Sun Peaks Fatbikes

- Explore the resort area in all seasons since they easily handle snow, sand, mud, rocky or root covered trails, etc

- No shocks required for a smooth and comfortable ride since the low air-pressure, extra wide tires cushion the bumps

- Enjoy more challenging trails since the tires float over bumps that could cause a wipeout on a traditional mountain bike

- Little maintenance required

- Great for cardio and muscle workouts

- Wide tires means easier balance for beginners 

- Get noticed!  These unusual fattire bikes look unusual and will certainly attract attention while you pedal through the snow.

       Sun Peaks Fat Tire Biking - Important Information

Please review all of the following information before getting on your bike to ensure the enjoyment and safety of yourself and other guests.

Trail Access Ticket: $5.00 (available at Elevation Bike, Ski & Board and the Sun Peaks Nordic Centre) if you wish to ride the approved shared use nordic trails..  A ticket for Sun Peaks Fatbikes is not required if you have a valid alpine or Nordic ticket for that day or are a season pass holder. Ticket is also not required for the Valley Trail network or the SunBurf Loop.

Fat Bike Rental Pricing - Winter:*

Rocky Mountain Blizzard 20 

Full Day: $50

2 Hours: $40

Damage waiver available for $5. 

Elevation Bike, Ski & Board - 250.578.5555 or email via 

See our Sun Peaks ebike Rentals page for spring through fall rates and save 10% with our McSporties Link.

* -Prices do not include applicable tax. May change without notice. Trail access fee is for Nordic trails that have been designated for Fat Bike usage. Valley Trail system does not require a ticket. Damage waiver covers accidental damage, which may occur to the rental equipment. By accepting the damage waiver Sun Peaks Resort will cover the repair or replacement costs of any accidental damage or breakage that may occur to the equipment as a result of hidden rocks or debris. Please note that this waiver does not cover damage caused by negligence or reckless skiing/riding, nor does it cover loss or theft of equipment. Sun Peaks Resort has locking ski racks available for use, as well as overnight equipment storage for rental equipment to ensure the safety of your gear. Please remember to never leave your gear unattended.

Sun Peaks Fat Tire Bike Rules

- Note that Fat Biking on shared use Nordic trails is only permitted when the temperature is below 0°C. 

- All riders must have a valid pass or ticket with them at all times to ride the designated shared use trails on the Nordic network

- All riders must stay on the designated shared use trails (as per map below). All additional Nordic trails are prohibited to Fat Bikes

- All riders are to observe and follow Trail Courtesy signage (shown below) and must yield to Nordic skiers and snowshoers. Fat bikers must stay in-between the set Nordic tracks on skating lane, and must yield to all other trails users

- Riders caught on Nordic trails not designed as multi-use will have passes permanently revoked 

- Fat Biking trail access is included with a valid Alpine or Nordic day ticket (for same day) or Season Pass

- Fat Bike only tickets are available at Elevation Bike, Ski & Board and Sun Peaks Nordic Centre. Tickets MUST be purchased prior to riding the multi-use trails 

- The Valley Trail network and SunBurf Loop do not require a pass or ticket

- The temperature must be below 0°C in order to ride on the special shared use Nordic trails, otherwise riding IS NOT permitted so as to not damage the trails

- Sun Peaks Fatbikes are not to be ridden on the shared use Nordic trails if recent snowfall exceeds 5cm

- Tires must be 3.75 inches or wider with a tire pressure less than 10 PSI – no exceptions

- Helmets are required to be worn at all times

Click for the Sun Peaks Fatbike information page

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