Sun Peaks Disc Golf Course - can you get a hole-in-one?

Sun Peaks Disc Golf - fun summer activityCan you get a hole-in-one on the Sun Peaks Disc Golf Course?

Sun Peaks Disc Golf, also known as Frisbee Golf, is a new and fun Sun Peaks summer activity at the resort and is free to enjoy with the price of a Sun Peaks lift ticket (click here to buy in advance and save).

If you’re super-fit and want to walk up the mountain to the top of the Sunburst chairlift, it’s totally free to play!

Once you’re at the top of the chairlift, follow the signs for about 10 minutes along the road, past the alpine maintenance shop, until you see the entrance to the disc golf course.

There is a picnic table there so you can get ready for the adventure.

Helpful hint – you’re in an alpine forest and there can be bugs, possibly lots of them – so stop here and put on your bug spray before you begin so you can focus on your shot instead of the buzzing!

When it opened in the summer of 2023, it was a 9 hole course, but the resort plans to eventually expand it to be a full 18 hole disc golf course.

It offers well laid out tees and trails through the forest and provides some beautiful mountain vistas and wonderful, fresh pine forest scents.

As always though, remember you are in a wilderness environment and there may be some Sun Peaks wildlife to watch out for.

Click for a full pdf file of the Sun Peaks Disc Golf Course.

        What is Sun Peaks Disc Golf?

Like real golf (and we do have a great alpine golf course here), the goal of the Sun Peaks disc golf course is to get the disc/Frisbee into each basket with as few throws as possible, with holes ranging from 41 to 124 meters from the ‘tee-off’ spot. 

Things get real interesting when your disc doesn’t fly as straight as you had hoped!? 

Click to view the Disc Course Rules of Play and Safety Notes as outlined on the Sun Peaks Resort website.

While you can bring your own discs/Frisbees to play, Sun Peaks does have proper disc golf Frisbees to use for no charge in the Village Day Lodge. 


A credit card or $20/disc is required to be left on file for each disc in case it isn’t returned.

And while you can play with just one disc, disc golf players typically use three different discs – a driver for the long-distance throws, a mid-range disc for when you are getting closer to the basket, and a putter disc for the final throw into the metal basket. 

Chains hanging down at each basket help ensure the disc ends up where it is supposed to.

McSporties, in the village, also has various disc golf frisbees available for sale.

The Sun Peaks Disc Golf Course is another free-or low-cost-activity to help families enjoy an active, affordable, and ‘Best’ Sun Peaks Summer Vacation.

Sun Peaks disc golf basketDisc Golf Basket

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