Johnson Lake BC - Day Trip from Sun Peaks Resort

Due to the damage being caused by many inconsiderate visitors to this beautiful lake, we are encouraging visitors to explore the many other beautiful areas and lakes in British Columbia instead of Johnson Lake. In addition, with the crowds, it is not a good place to be able to self-distance.

Click to see other campsites close to Johnson Lake and Sun Peaks Resort that are more suitable, and consider staying at Sun Peaks and perhaps enjoying a brief day trip as we had intended.

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For those who are thinking about a visit to Johnson Lake, please read and keep the following in mind.

The lake cannot handle the current volume of visitors, garbage and destruction!  PLEASE RESPECT THIS BEAUTIFUL ALPINE LAKE AND KEEP IT AND THE SURROUNDING AREA PRISTINE.

This location needs to remain pristine and we ask people to visit the many other beautiful lakes in the area, such as Adams Lake, McGillivray Lake or Heffley Lake!

And if you're looking for the best beach area near Sun Peaks - check out Riverside park.

Due to the recent activity through social media encouraging people to visit Johnson Lake, we are asking that people recognize the impact that increased use is causing on the lake and recreation site.

Johnson Lake is a very unique and pristine wilderness lake that has been strategically managed by various departments in government for many years.

While we appreciate people wanting to visit this beautiful lake, we are asking the public to understand the environmental impact that is occurring to the lake due to the significant increase in visitors.

Guided standup paddleboarding tours to Johnson Lake are available during the summer for small, escorted groups.  Put together a group of 5 friends or colleagues for a guided day of fun on spectacular Johnson Lake! $200 each includes return transportation from Kamloops or Sun Peaks, all your equipment and professional guide/instructor!

If you chose to visit Johnson Lake, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

Stay somewhere nearby like Sun Peaks Resort which has all the amenities to handle the crowds and make it a day trip to Johnson Lake.

• There is an engine power restriction of 7.5 kw (10 HP) – for car top boats and fishing purposes only. No sea-doos and no other motor boats.

• There is no beach there, nor a suitable place for large groups to hang out. 
• There are only 12 small campsites, and it is on a first come first serve basis. If the recreation site is full, please consider camping at one of these campgrounds near Sun Peaks Resort or at one of the many recreation sites on Adams Lake ( . Do not camp in non-designated sites.
• There is a limited amount of parking near the recreation site, once this is full, please consider visiting Johnson Lake another day.
• Pack out what you pack in!  Do not toss your empties, garbage or whatever on the ground or in the beautiful clear waters!!  No campfires in non-designated areas.
• This lake has been here for many years and will continue to be here for many more years. If the area is full, consider visiting another day.

Be aware of your environmental footprint at this unique recreation feature.
Environmental degradation, littering, impeding traffic, and unauthorized camping are all ticketable offences under the Forest and Range Practice Act and Recreation Regulations.

The public should be aware that enforcement agencies will be strictly patrolling the Johnson Lake area.

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