Sun Peaks Hiking Trails for Everyone

Sun Peaks hiking trails map - image courtesy Sun Peaks Resort

As mentioned on our Sun Peaks Hiking page, there are Sun Peaks hiking trails available for all levels, ages and interests as part of the many Sun Peaks Summer activities

All lift accessed trails require a lift ticket available at Guest Services, and begin at the Sunburst Express lift.  Save up to 30% on your lift-accessed hiking pass - buy online and in advance via the Liftopia link on the left of  your screen. 

Free pocket maps are available from many locations throughout the village including where you buy your lift pass and in most Sun Peaks hotel lobbies. 

Sun Peaks Hiking trails are numbered (in brackets after the name below and on the map) and identified with small markers placed on stakes along the path.

        Free Sun Peaks Hiking Trails

Inukshuk at Top of the World Hiking Trail at Sun Peaks Resort

The free Sun Peaks hiking trails are free to use without any special tickets or pass.  As always, be prepared and respect any other users (including mountain bikers) and Sun Peaks wildlife you may come across.

Trails below are color coded like ski runs - green is easiest, then blues and then black trails where more conditioning and training are required, and the numbers indicate the corresponding trail on the interactive Sun Peaks Hiking Trails map and pocket guide.

   Valley Trail Network

Valley Trail Network, which is a low grade, lighted trail network that utilizes both paved and unpaved sections and is shared by cross-country bikers and hikers. The 6 km. Valley Trail Network loop is the simplest of the Sun Peaks cross-country trails and winds its way throughout the village area, from Parking Lot #5 across from Stone’s Throw, out to Burfield Drive past the entrance to Sun Peaks Resort.

   Shuswap Medicine Trail

Shuswap Medicine Trail (13) – accessed to the right of the Sundance Express Chairlift is a short 0.6 km, 15 minute round trip interpretive trail where you can learn a little about local flora, fauna, and First Nations medicines as you stretch your legs and enjoy a stroll.

   Sundance Loop

Sundance Loop (14) – accessed to the right of the Sundance Express chairlift is a 3.9 km, 90 minute round trip trail that also joins up with other trials if you wish to change it up a bit.  It offers a fairly steep trail with beautiful views of the valley and Sun Peaks village below.

   Broadway Loop

Deer and scenery at Sun Peaks resort on free summer hiking trailsLots of Sun Peaks wildlife may be seen along the way

Broadway Loop (15) – accessed from the Sunburst Loop (16) at the mountain base and is a 2.1 km, 45 minute round trip loop.  Gives you a scenic tour of some of the lower ski runs on Sundance Mountain and also can be extended by heading up the Trail to Village (4) and heading right to join up with the Sundance Loop (14) as listed above.

   Sunburst Loop

Sunburst Loop (16) - is an easy 2.1 km, 30 minute round trip along the lower reached of Mt. Tod.  If you start to feel inspired, you can easily connect up with the Broadway Loop (15) for a little more exercise.

       Lift Accessed Sun Peaks Hiking Trails

Alpine Meadows at Sun Peaks Hiking Trails for Summer fun at Sun Peaks Resort

There are many wonderful Sun Peaks lift accessed hiking trails with at least one for all ages and fitness levels.  Great views, fresh air, and a wonderful way to enjoy summer at Sun Peaks - certainly worth the price of the lift pass which can be purchased for 30% less online via the Liftopia link on the left here or for full costat the Information Centre in the village.

   Vista Trail

Vista Trail (1) – easy trail located right at the mid-mountain base where you exit the Sunburst Express.  It is a multi-purpose trail that traverses sub-alpine woods and mountain meadows.  Either descend a little and end with a short uphill climb to the Sun Peaks chapel, or turn around an head back on the same flat trail.

   Crystal Bowl Loop

Crystal Bowl Loop (2) – is a 1.8 km, 45 minute round trip hike that starts off with the easy Vista Trail (1) but instead of following the loop, carry on 0.4k along the multi-purpose West Bowl Trail (7) until it meets up with the Crystal Bowl Loop.  Go right and once on it, the trail climbs and takes you back across the lower Crystal Bowl through some lovely wildflower meadows.

   Valley View Trail

Valley View Trail (3) – is a scenic, 2.6 km, 60 minute round trip hike once at the mid-station of Mt. Tod.  Join it by following the Vista Trail (1) but instead of following the loop, carry on 0.4k along the multi-purpose West Bowl Trail (7) until it meets up with the Valley View Trail to your left.  The trail loops down the slopes and crosses the top of Challenger Meadows.  Enjoy beautiful views of the village below, and then either take a short, steep hike back to the chair or hang a right when you see the Trail to Village (4).

   Trail to Village

Trail to Village (4) – is a 3.4 km, 90 minute one way, multi-purpose Sun Peaks hiking trail that can be accessed from the Valley View Trail (3), the Sundance Loop (14) via the multi-use trail, or the Broadway Loop (15).  Keep an eye out for bikers, especially at Sun Peaks Bike Park crossings.

   Top of the World Trail

Top of the World marker at Sun Peaks hiking trails at Sun Peaks Resort

Top of the World Trail (5) – is a 1.2 km, 30 minute one-way back and forth trail accessed from the Crystal Bowl Loop (2) and gets you to the popular Top of the World marker and area. Once there, you will certainly want to take the Juniper Ridge Loop (6) for the amazing views, and then either back track, take the Whyte Bowl Trail (8) or the West Ridge Trail (10) to Tod Lake.

This is also part of the Sun Peaks Lake to Peaks Adventure Package.

   Juniper Ridge Loop

Juniper Ridge Loop (6) – is a beautiful, 0.6 km, 15 minute loop, wildflower (in season) and spectacular view trail, accessed from the Top of the World (5).  We highly recommend it!

   West Bowl Trail

West Bowl Trail (7) – is a 5.4 km, 90 minute one way scenic and multi-purpose (see new Altitude lift-accessed cross country mountain biking) trail to the alpine meadows and Tod Lake with a gentle climb all the way, crossing scenic meadows and forests. Access is via the easy Vista Trail (1) you can go all the way to Tod Lake, or turn on the West Ridge Trail (10) and then down the Top of the World Trail (5).  Or take Gil’s trail (9) for a more direct route back to the Sunburst Chairlift.

   Whyte Bowl Trail

Whyte Bowl Trail (8) – is a 2.5 km, 30 minute one way connector between the West Bowl Trail (7) and Top of the World Trails (5) that has a moderate grade and scenic views.  It takes you to the lower areas of the classic ski runs accessed via the old Burfield chairlift.

   Gil's Trail

Gil’s Trail (9) – is a 2.4 km, 45 minute one way quick access trail from the West Bowl Trail (7) or Tod Peak Trail (11) through the forested Gil’s winter backcountry ski area, across popular gladed areas and back to the Sunburst chairlift.

   West Ridge Trail

West Ridge Trail (10) – is a 1.5 km, 45 minute one way, more direct route to Tod Lake and the Tod Peak Trail(11) and is accessed from the Top of the World Trail (5).  Enjoy beautiful Sun Peaks hiking trails views of the valley below with Skunk Peak towering above the trail to the east.

   Tod Peak Trail

Tod Lake and alpine flowers

Tod Peak Trail (11) – is a challenging 2.4 km, 30 minute one way trail up to the summit of Mt. Tod and Tod Lake (note: allow 5 hours in total for the round trip hike from the Sunburst chairlift).  Access is via the West Bowl Trail (7).  The return trip is best done by following the loop back down to the West Bowl Trail (7) and then Gil’s Trail (9) back to the Sunburst chairlift. 

Sun Peaks hiking trails also mentions to watch carefully for the trail markers (which makes us think back to how the snowshoe trails need better trail markers but we will check it out and let you know).

See our Mount Tod Hiking Trail review....

   Tod’s Backside Trail

Tod’s Backside Trail (12) – doesn’t sound appealing ;) but is a 2.3 km, 30 minutes one way trail back from Mount Tod and Tod Lake.  Access is via either Tod Peak Trail (11) or West Bowl Trail (7) and is a scenic trip around the backside of Mt. Tod through scenic alpine meadows and the former ‘Cat Ski’ area.

Can't decide between a fun, family water activity or a beautiful alpine hike?  We suggest checking out the Sun Peaks Lake to Peak Adventure Package.

Also nearby is the Embleton Mountain hike.

Interested in other Kamloops area hiking trails - plenty of interesting hikes for all ages and abilities to enjoy?

What is your favorite of the many Sun Peaks Hiking Trails?

Best hike to see the wildflowers during late July to early August?  Trail 9, 7, 10 loop.  Also Top of the World and Juniper Ridge.  Beautiful!

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